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Thank you for visiting my website! If you are looking for regular or individual yoga classes (hatha, vinyasa, restorative yoga, partner yoga) in Seville, Spain or via webcam directly into your home then you can find all info here via the menu buttons above. If you are visiting Seville, please feel welcome to join any of my indoor or outdoor classes or book your private yoga session that I would always design for your personal needs. I teach in English, German and Spanish. If you feel like treating yourself to something really wonderful, I would like to recommend that you try out a sound massage with Tibetan singing bowls and gongs. Or maybe join one of my gong baths.

You can also contact me directly any time for more information about YOGA / REIKI / SOUND HEALING / MEDITATION.

Welcome to beautiful Seville !!!


Yoga Class in Seville in the Park every Saturday and Wednesday

Every Saturday from 11pm to 12:30 pm and on Wednesdays from 7pm to 8:30pm I teach a yoga class under palm trees accompanied by the singing of naughty green parrots. Afterwards we often drink some tea together to create a stronger community. Once a month the yoga class is followed by a picnic. Everyone brings something to eat along for sharing. Sometimes some people bring their instruments and we have an impromptu jam. Come and join us when you are living in Seville or just visiting. Everyone is welcome!

Yoga & Sound Healing Retreat

Relax at beautiful Suryalila Retreat Centre in Andalucia

!!! 3rd to 6th December 2020 in southern Spain, where the sun shines for you in December !!!

Immerse yourself in healing sounds, get carried away on a soft cloud of sounds from big powerful gongs, gentle wind chimes and soothing tones of Tibetan singing bowls. The retreat will offer a lovingly curated mix of invigorating and restorative yoga classes, sound journeys, and workshops on how to use Tibetan singing bowls on yourself and others. Also a gentle introduction to healing voice techniques. After this weekend you will leave feeling blissfully relaxed, but also equipped with new knowledge of how to use sound to help yourself and others let go of stress.


This is the fantastic yoga dome at Suryalila Retreat Centre, where our yoga and sound sessions will be. The space is magical.


During lockdown and also afterwards I taught online yoga classes. It was a steep learning curve. Experimenting with various platforms and approaches to teaching in this new virtual way. I use a microphone to give you a pleasant audio experience. Now it feels quite natural to teach online. Feel free to contact me if you would like to organise a group or individual session with me. I focus on creating a feeling of connectivity and community so that we feel like being in a virtual circle where we still can support each other. We meditate, breath and move. Classes can be in English and German.

Upcoming gong baths / sound healing  in Seville and Andalusia

Online Meditations on Insight Timer

You can find my meditations, yoga nidras and bedtime stories on the wellknown App Insight Timer. Direct link to my meditations, Listening to them is for free.

Du kannst meine Meditationen, Yoga Nidras und Gute Nacht Geschichten auf der bekannten App Insight Timer finden. Hier geht es direkt zu meinen Meditationen. Vollkommen umsonst.

What others say...

"Claudia provides a wonderful, friendly atmosphere for you to work to your level of yoga. In the outdoor classes, she encourages everyone to relax and enjoy the leafy park surroundings, laying out our mats in a semi-circle so all are included and welcomed, no matter whether it's your first time or you are a guru! Claudia is also fluent in German, Spanish and English so anyone passing through Seville can be sure of a clear understanding. I love the way she structures her classes, too. A gentle meditation to begin, then warm ups and sensible careful increases in difficulties and challenges. Her experience in yoga and sound means you will be peaceful, alert and ready to face the rest of your day."

Victoria, NewZealand/Australia, June 2019

"Claudia manages to create an extremely warm and friendly environment for yoga practice in which you feel totally comfortable pushing yourself and trying things you may be embarrassed to try in other classes. I would recommend this class to anyone (the friends I brought became hooked too!). These classes provide great guidance for positivity and self love and I am struggling to find ones as good in Ireland!!"

Lily, Ireland, Jan 2019

Claudia classes are incredible!

The way she teaches us is something that is going to make you come back everytime. Profesionalism and her vibe is one of the most importance things that you are going to see and feel. Her experience and continuous improvement to her skills and classes are the strongest points. Something that I've really enjoyed were taking classes outdoor at the Maria Luisa's park. Don't worry if you speak another language , she will guide you!

Hope to come back and keep practicing!

Gonzalo, Argentina, Feb 2019

"I love going to Claudia's classes - she's an expert teacher who meets everyone's level, creates a friendly atmosphere and always has something new & creative to try out. These classes are relaxed & taught me that you don't have to be super flexible or experienced to get all the benefits from a fun, relaxing yoga class!"

Louise, Ireland, June 2019

I took Claudia’s class on Mondays and Wednesday’s during my one month in Seville. The studio was very peaceful and easy to find. Claudia was easy to communicate with and a very experienced yoga teacher. The practice was a wonderful experience both for the mind and the body. I would highly recommend it!

Oendrila, India, Nov 2018

"I spent some joyful yoga classes in Seville. Thanks to Claudia Wiens it was more than just a good, inspiring yoga class. It was just lots of love in the air. No matter what language you speak, Claudia will answer you. JOIN HER CLASS IF YOU STAY IN SEVILLE! I will do, as soon as i come back."

Charlotte, Germany, Dec 2018

Are you looking for a thoughtful present (for loved ones or yourself! 💓💓) that doesn't pollute our planet and truly make the person happy who will receive it? One hour of a blissful sound massage or a private yoga session might be such a present. Please contact me for more info and to purchase a voucher.

Partner or acro yoga can be loads of fun. It creates great connection between people. As you need to stay fully present and concentrate it helps to leave stress behind. It took me actually quite a long time to learn how to do the bow (dhanurasana) while flying (bird pose). Many falls and failures on the way. I love the whole process. It looks more difficult than it really is. Generally in life, I think we should trust ourselves more and be curios to try something new. We might surprise ourselves. Go for it!


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