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Thank you for visiting my website! If you are looking for regular or individual yoga classes (hatha, vinyasa, restorative yoga, partner yoga) in Seville, Spain, then you can find all info here via the menu buttons above. If you are visiting Seville, please feel welcome to join any of my indoor or outdoor classes or book your private yoga session that I would always design for your personal needs. I teach in English, German and Spanish. If you feel like treating yourself to something really wonderful, I would like to recommend that you try out a sound massage with Tibetan singing bowls and gongs. Or maybe join one of my regular gong baths or Ecstatic Dance events. I offer events for corporate clients, language schools, private groups. Please get in touch for detailed information about YOGA / REIKI / SOUND HEALING / RETREATS/ ECSTATIC DANCE.

Welcome to beautiful Seville !!!


Yoga Class in Seville in the Park every Saturday

Every Saturday from 11pm to 12:30 pm I teach a yoga class under palm trees accompanied by the singing of naughty green parrots. Afterwards we often drink some tea together to create a stronger community. Once a month the yoga class is followed by a picnic. Everyone brings something to eat along for sharing. Sometimes some people bring their instruments and we have an impromptu jam. Come and join us when you are living in Seville or just visiting. Everyone is welcome!


NUEVAS FECHAS por ECSTATIC DANCE en 2024 en el bonito espacio de Lemonyoga. / NEW DATES for ECSTATIC DANCE in 2024 in the beautiful sala of Lemonyoga.


The music I play can best be described as World music, a mix of varied genres, rhythms and melodies. Starting gently and gradually increasing the energy, we can go beyond our limits and access a state of connection, joy and wholeness in a healthy way. At the end, slowing down again until I offer some live sound healing to relax deeply. It’s NOT a techno or rave event. An atmosphere of connection is created where everyone feels safe and free to dance, express themselves, have fun, explore, be vulnerable, discover... ALL INFO HERE


¿Qué música?

Fusiono World music, comenzando suavemente, aumentando gradualmente la energía y terminando en quietud. La música, como única guía, ofrece un collage de ritmos y melodías variadas, que nos hacen vibrar en un sinfín de paisajes y sensaciones. Se crea una atmósfera de conexión donde todo el mundo se siente seguro y libre para bailar, expresarse, divertirse, explorar, ser vulnerable, descubrir… Toda la información AQUÍ

Upcoming Gong Baths / Sound Healing  in Seville and Andalusia

Next gong meditation will be 28th April 2024 at Lemonyoga in Sevilla

Reserve your place for an upcoming event of sound healing and relax deeply. ... ...Reserva tu plaza por los próximos eventos de sonidos curativos y relájate profundamente.

Online Meditations on Insight Timer

You can find my meditations, yoga nidras and bedtime stories on the wellknown App Insight Timer. Direct link to my meditations, Listening to them is for free.

Du kannst meine Meditationen, Yoga Nidras und Gute Nacht Geschichten auf der bekannten App Insight Timer finden. Hier geht es direkt zu meinen Meditationen. Vollkommen umsonst.

What others say...

"Claudia provides a wonderful, friendly atmosphere for you to work to your level of yoga. In the outdoor classes, she encourages everyone to relax and enjoy the leafy park surroundings, laying out our mats in a semi-circle so all are included and welcomed, no matter whether it's your first time or you are a guru! Claudia is also fluent in German, Spanish and English so anyone passing through Seville can be sure of a clear understanding. I love the way she structures her classes, too. A gentle meditation to begin, then warm ups and sensible careful increases in difficulties and challenges. Her experience in yoga and sound means you will be peaceful, alert and ready to face the rest of your day."

Victoria, NewZealand/Australia, June 2019

"I booked a couples Gong Bath with Claudia as a surprise for my boyfriend, and it was an amazing experience. The space where it takes place is beautiful, with many candles all around the room. The energy is calming and Claudia really takes care of every detail, providing blankets to keep you warm and making sure you are comfortable. The Gong Bath itself is wonderful- such a unique experience! Claudia uses not only the gongs but also Tibetan bowls and wind chimes to create a beautiful, healing atmosphere. I look forward to going again and highly recommend it to everyone!"

Janey, UK, Dec 2020



Claudia classes are incredible!

The way she teaches us is something that is going to make you come back everytime. Profesionalism and her vibe is one of the most importance things that you are going to see and feel. Her experience and continuous improvement to her skills and classes are the strongest points. Something that I've really enjoyed were taking classes outdoor at the Maria Luisa's park. Don't worry if you speak another language , she will guide you!

Hope to come back and keep practicing!

Gonzalo, Argentina, Feb 2019

"I love going to Claudia's classes - she's an expert teacher who meets everyone's level, creates a friendly atmosphere and always has something new & creative to try out. These classes are relaxed & taught me that you don't have to be super flexible or experienced to get all the benefits from a fun, relaxing yoga class!"

Louise, Ireland, June 2019

I took Claudia’s class on Mondays and Wednesday’s during my one month in Seville. The studio was very peaceful and easy to find. Claudia was easy to communicate with and a very experienced yoga teacher. The practice was a wonderful experience both for the mind and the body. I would highly recommend it!

Oendrila, India, Nov 2018

"I spent some joyful yoga classes in Seville. Thanks to Claudia Wiens it was more than just a good, inspiring yoga class. It was just lots of love in the air. No matter what language you speak, Claudia will answer you. JOIN HER CLASS IF YOU STAY IN SEVILLE! I will do, as soon as i come back."

Charlotte, Germany, Dec 2018

Partner or acro yoga can be loads of fun. It creates great connection between people. As you need to stay fully present and concentrate it helps to leave stress behind. It took me actually quite a long time to learn how to do the bow (dhanurasana) while flying (bird pose). Many falls and failures on the way. I love the whole process. It looks more difficult than it really is. Generally in life, I think we should trust ourselves more and be curios to try something new. We might surprise ourselves. Go for it!

Are you looking for a thoughtful present (for loved ones or yourself! 💓💓) that doesn't pollute our planet and truly make the person happy who will receive it? One hour of a blissful sound massage or a private yoga session might be such a present. Please contact me for more info and to purchase a voucher.


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