Yoga / Meditation in Seville, Spain

Schedule and Prices

- Jardines de las Delicias:
Paseo de las Delicias, behind the Aquarium of Seville. The park at the river, opposite Maria Luisa Park.

+Saturdays, 11am to 12:30pm. Afterwards we often go for a coffee and once a month we do a picnic together.

I teach in English, Spanish, German

All ages, levels and shapes welcome!

Single class 14€
5 classes ticket 55€ (no time limit)
10 classes 99€ (no time limit)


All events always also on fb


Private Classes (indoors & outdoors) (also available combined with Reiki or Sound Healing)

For one person, couples and also groups. Please contact me to make an appointment and I will create a session according to your wishes and needs. I provide blocks, straps, mats. I also create special partner yoga classes for couples to experience a wonderful way of connection. And also for groups with the focus on creating a greater sense of community.

The Yoga Classes

Yoga can be a highly beneficial practice for body, mind and heart if practiced correctly. Therefore I pay lots of attention to adjustments and correct alignment and take into consideration that every body is different and needs individual corrections to practice yoga in a safe and beneficial way.

The classes are a mix of energetic postures, stretching, meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and relaxation. For many poses I will offer different variations to suit them to different physical abilities. My classes blend mindfulness with physical movement.

I am inviting you to getting to know your body better, being gentle, kind and patient with yourself, but also to challenge and question your believed limitations. I will encourage you to leave your comfort zone and explore new possibilities.




My Philosophy

I have been practicing yoga since 2003 and tried and studied many of its different styles like Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Anusara, Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Acroyoga. Over the years I found out that, even though all these types are great and have their specific benefits, I don’t like to stick to only one of them but rather prefer to combine ideas and experiment a bit. Life is fluid and ever changing and so are the needs of my body. In spring I might have lots of energy and love doing a high energy active yoga practice, but in winter a mellow and soothing yin practice might be exactly what I need. Also as we physically go through constant changes certain yoga styles might not always be possible. For me yoga is not a competition on how flexible and acrobatic one can be, but rather a way of life and an opportunity to live a more balanced, happy and healthy life. Therefore I prefer my classes to be as inclusive as possible – suitable for all ages, different physical abilities, people who have never done yoga before and also experienced yogis.

What others say...

"Claudia manages to create an extremely warm and friendly environment for yoga practice in which you feel totally comfortable pushing yourself and trying things you may be embarrassed to try in other classes. I would recommend this class to anyone (the friends I brought became hooked too!). These classes provide great guidance for positivity and self love and I am struggling to find ones as good in Ireland!!"

Lily, Ireland, Jan 2019

Claudia classes are incredible!

The way she teaches us is something that is going to make you come back everytime. Profesionalism and her vibe is one of the most importance things that you are going to see and feel. Her experience and continuous improvement to her skills and classes are the strongest points. Something that I've really enjoyed were taking classes outdoor at the Maria Luisa's park. Don't worry if you speak another language , she will guide you!

Hope to come back and keep practicing!

Gonzalo, Argentina, Feb 2019

I took Claudia’s class on Mondays and Wednesday’s during my one month in Seville. The studio was very peaceful and easy to find. Claudia was easy to communicate with and a very experienced yoga teacher. The practice was a wonderful experience both for the mind and the body. I would highly recommend it!

Oendrila, India, Nov 2018

Partner Yoga with acrobatic elements

Partner or acro yoga can be loads of fun. It creates great connection between people. As you need to stay fully present and concentrate it helps to leave stress behind. I often use partner exercises in my classes, simple ones and sometimes a bit more complex ones. After overcoming some shyness normally lots of smiles appear on all faces. You can also hire me for your retreat groups in Seville, greater Andalusia or other parts of the world. In September 2019 I taught a partner yoga with acrobatic elements class in a beautiful park in Seville for the Pop Up Yoga Company from Swizzerland.

It took me actually quite a long time to learn how to do the bow (dhanurasana) while flying (bird pose). Many falls and failures on the way. I love the whole process. It looks more difficult than it really is. Generally in life, I think we should trust ourselves more and be curios to try something new. We might surprise ourselves. Go for it!


Claudia Wiens //

Tel: (+34) 609 85 9419

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