Sound Massage in Seville, Spain

What is a Sound Massage

Sound massage uses mostly archaic instruments, such as the Tibetan singing bowl or Chinese feng and tam tam gongs, being rich in overtones that create sound waves in the body, providing relaxation on a physical, mental and emotional level. They are normally used as part of a holistic treatment for stress and other similar conditions. Such treatment has been practiced since ancient times in Nepal, Tibet and India, as mentioned in the Indian Vedas. There it also says Nada Brahma, which can be translated as 'the world [everything] is sound'. It was believed that the Universe, gods and men were created out of sound.

Each of us has probably experienced sound in all the ways it affects us. When we listen to music we often have a physical and/or emotional reaction. Sound can deeply touch us and suddenly makes us laugh or cry. We might get in a romantic mood or start dancing. We are also familiar with the effects of disturbing sounds or noise. If your bedroom is close to a busy street you might feel nervous and stressed when trying to sleep, and react by creating tension in your body. Conversely, while sitting at the beach and listening to the harmonious sound of gently rolling waves, one might experience a relaxing effect. Sound can be healing and soothing, but also stimulating, refreshing and energising.

Nowadays there is lots of medical research into the effects of sound on our body. NASA has even captured the sounds of the planets in our solar system and you can listen to it on YouTube or buy the Cds, some of the sounds have an amazing relaxing effect. I love the sound of our planet Earth, it is almost hypnotising for me.

Sound affects us even if it is out of our hearing range, as it can be physically felt – sound waves are vibrations of molecules and these vibrations echo through our bodies. This is simply illustrated by placing a glass of water near a loudspeaker and observing the waves on the surface of the water. During a sound massage the pleasant vibrations transfer into our body and propagate in concentric waves. Every cell, every molecule can feel these vibrations. Sound travels several times faster and for longer distances through water, and with an adult human body consisting of more than 60% of water, it is thought that the proliferation of sound waves can be profound in stimulating the body’s healing processes at a cellular level. Often we are ‘out of tune’ with our physical existence and also our subtle body – a web of disharmony can be created as stress collects in our cells and hinders the body’s proper function.

What happens during a sound massage session?

The session mostly takes place on a massage table and I will use Tibetan singing bowls, a feng gong, a kalimba and tinshas of the highest quality. I will place the bowls on different parts of the body and bring them to vibrate with different techniques, so you can hear the soothing and relaxing sounds, but also physically feel the vibrations. I will also use the various instruments around you in your energy field. Every session is different and caters to individual needs and wishes of the client in that moment. We will start with a brief coversation to see what is needed and also finish the treatment with a conversation to ensure that we have reached a peaceful closing. You may enjoy occasional treatments as a special treat or you may want to have a series of treatments to help alleviate more ‘blockages’, activate your body's own healing power or work on specific issues.

A sound massage only requires a little bit of openess and curiousity to listen to the sounds and receive its vibrations. Your breath might become deeper and slower, and often a state of ‘waking sleep’ is reached.


Possible benefits of a sound massage can be:

  • Deep relaxation.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Alleviating physical pain, for example in muscles, joints, organs.
  • Calmer and deeper breathing.
  • A sensation of bliss.
  • Relief of tension and blockages in the body and the mind.
  • Activation of self-healing forces.

Appointments and Prices

I would be very happy to hear from you and share the wonderful relaxing experience of a sound massage with you. To make an appointment and/or for questions please get in touch with me. or +34-609859419 (whatsapp). Prices depend on the length of a session and also on if you book an individual or a series of sessions.

Photo by Jacomina Kistemaker, Centro Punta de Couso


A sound massage is not a substitute for medical treatment of serious illness or other conditions that may constitute the advice and supervision of a doctor or  a therapist.



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