Ecstatic Dance in Sevilla / Andalusia

On Friday, 10th February 2023, I will offer for the first time an Ecstatic/Conscious Dance event at Vive Yoga en Mairena del Ajarafe, Sevilla. Come and join the tribe!

NEW DATES for ECSTATIC DANCE in 2023 in the beautiful sala of Lemonyoga.

What is Ecstatic Dance?

It’s a form of conscious dance, a movement meditation. You move your body freely, without having to follow any steps, always according to your needs at the moment. We dance in a space free of alcohol or drugs. I guide you into the dance to support your journey into your body and into movement. You don't need any dancing skills. It is an invitation to get in contact with yourself, embody your physical body and find your inner rhythm and dance. The Dance!

“Just as the ancients danced to call upon the spirits in nature, we too can dance to find the spirits within ourselves that have been long buried and forgotten.”, said the influential dancer Anna Halprin, who redefined dance as a tool for healing. We dance for many reasons: to connect, to have fun, to express, to heal, to find something that we could call "the dance", something deep inside that can't be described by words. Conscious Dance is an umbrella term for a number of dance forms like 5rhythms, shamanic trance, Soul Motion, to name a few. Generally, in Conscious Dance, a safe environment is created that allows for spontaneous movements and all kinds of feelings to be expressed. It can be an embodied path for deep internal learning and wholeness, and an opportunity to cultivate deep joy. Conscious dance can be done by anyone regardless of physical ability, fitness or prior dance experience.


Gabrielle Roth was the founder of 5rhythms, another conscious dance method. I discovered 5rhythms 2012 while living in Istanbul thanks to wonderful Alexa Rani Schmid who facilitated weekly sessions. I have been dancing for more than 37 years intensively (jazz dance, modern dance, ballet, tap dance, belly dance, Latin dances) but when I discovered 5rhythms or conscious dance in general, it was a life-changing experience. And I am not using this word lightly! 5rhythms enabled me to reach stuck emotions/trauma on a cellular level and release them over time like no other healing method ever could. Moving freely was a liberation that can't be described with words. Now I facilitate Ecstatic/Conscious Dance events to create a safe space that can enable other people to experience deep healing as well. It is a project of my heart.


The music I play can best be described as World music, a mix of varied genres, rhythms and melodies. Starting gently and gradually increasing the energy, we can go beyond our limits and access a state of connection, joy and wholeness in a healthy way. At the end, slowing down again until I offer some live sound healing to relax deeply. It’s NOT a techno or rave event. An atmosphere of connection is created where everyone feels safe and free to dance, express themselves, have fun, explore, be vulnerable, discover...

Are you one of the poeple who says "I can't dance!"?

Then you might be very pleasantly surprised by this form of dancing! Nobody is telling you what to do. There are no specific steps or moves to follow. It's not about being cool or a great dancer. The dance serves as a form of meditation, helping people to cope with all sorts of emotions and restoring serenity. Come along, be curious and allow the magic to happen. They say conscious dance is like a washing machine, you enter with whatever state you are in and come out purified, cleansed and refreshed.


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