NEW YEAR'S EVE: Rituals, Meditation and Gong Bath in Seville

Join me for a joyful afternoon filled with two wonderful rituals, meditation and a gong bath. One ritual to bid farewell to 2019, followed by one to welcome in 2020. You will be guided through meditation and relaxation into trying to let go of those emotions or feelings that do not serve you any longer – things you may wish to leave behind. Afterwards we will call and invite the things that you may wish to embrace for the New Year, finding a state of acceptance for what might come to us. We will undertake our ceremonies as an intimate and friendly group, creating a safe space of community and mutual support.

Meditation will form an essential part of the rituals in order to invite a peaceful state of mind to reflect and look forward. The Christmas season can be busy and quite stressful for some and this might be a pleasant occasion to find a quiet moment out of the hubbub to feel grounded and centre oneself.

The session will last two and half hours in total and will take place during the afternoon of New Year’s Eve so as not to intefere with evening commitments. The first hour and a half will consist of our rituals and guided meditation. The final hour will be a sound journey / gong bath that will support you in your relaxation and visualisation for 2020. Let us find a flowing and optimistic transition from this year to the next.

Place: LA SALA DEL ÁRBOL, c/ Christo de Buen Fin 5, 41002 Seville (center)
Time: 31st December, 3pm to 5:30pm, PLEASE BE ON TIME
Please bring a mat if you can
Price: 25€ Early Bird until 20th Dec, 30€ afterwards
LIMITED SPACE, please RESERVE your space

+34-609859419 whatsapp

A gong bath is a complete immersion in sound, known throughout history for its ‘transformational power’. The vibrations of the gongs will take you into a state of deep relaxation where a natural healing of the physical, mental and emotional bodies can occur. Each cell of our body is bathed in beautiful sounds – from gentle beginnings, powerful crecendo to peaceful ending and nurturing silence. I play as well Tibetan singing bowls, sansula, shamanic drum, and wind chimes.

After incorporating the use of Tibetan singing bowls in her yoga classes, she undertook a sound massage training (Level 1 and 2) with internationally renowned sound master and founder of the Sound Centre Punta de Couso in Galicia, Jacomina Kistemaker. She also undertook with Jacomina a training for large gongs and Healing Voice training. Claudia has since completed an Advanced Gong Master training with gong masters Don Conreaux and Aidan McIntyre in the UK. She is an internationally certified meditation and yoga instructor with more than 12 years of teaching experience in several countries. She regularly leads women circles where she guides various rituals.


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