Yoga & Sound Healing Retreat

Relax at beautiful Suryalila Retreat Centre in Andalucia

!!! 3rd to 6th December 2020 in southern Spain, where the sun shines for you in December !!!

Immerse yourself in healing sounds, get carried away on a soft cloud of sounds from big powerful gongs, gentle wind chimes and soothing tones of Tibetan singing bowls. The retreat will offer a lovingly curated mix of invigorating and restorative yoga classes, sound journeys, and workshops on how to use Tibetan singing bowls on yourself and others. Also a gentle introduction to healing voice techniques. After this weekend you will leave feeling blissfully relaxed, but also equipped with new knowledge of how to use sound to help yourself and others let go of stress.

Relaxing and Invigorating Daily Yoga Classes, Partly with Live Instruments

Life is fluid and ever-changing and so are the needs of our bodies. Sometimes we might have lots of energy and enjoy high energy active yoga practice, but at other times a soothing restorative practice might be exactly what we need. Yoga is not a competition on how flexible and acrobatic one can be, but rather a way of life and an opportunity to live a more balanced, happy and healthy life. Therefore, the classes will be as inclusive as possible – suitable for all ages, different physical abilities, people who have never done yoga before and also experienced yogis.

The classes will invite you to get to know your body better, be gentle, kind and patient to yourself, but also to challenge and question your perceived limitations. They will take into consideration that everybody is different and moves in various ways. I blend mindfulness with physical movement. The restorative classes will be accompanied by live sounds from singing bowls, sansula, wind chimes and gongs to help you to relax even deeper and let go of stress or tension.

Sound Healing

During the retreat, you will receive sound healing in the form of a gong bath, a shamanic sound journey and also during some of the yoga classes. You will also be invited to use your own voice (your very own instrument) and learn how to use Tibetan singing bowls on yourself and others for relaxing purposes. Tibetan singing bowls and gongs, being rich in overtones create sound waves in the body that provide relaxation on a physical, mental and emotional level. Each of us has probably experienced sound in all the ways it affects us. When we listen to music we often have a physical and/or emotional reaction. Sound can deeply touch us and suddenly makes us laugh or cry. We might get in a romantic mood or start dancing. We are also familiar with the effects of disturbing sounds or noise like highways or planes. Sound waves are vibrations of molecules and these vibrations echo through our bodies. During a sound journey or gong bath, these pleasant vibrations transfer into our body and propagate in concentric waves and help us to get in tune again, literally. Healing sounds, including our voice, can help alleviate energy blockages and activate our body's own healing power. A shamanic gong bath is a journey combined with a meditation to connect with your power animal(s) or ‘totem’. The healing sounds and vibrations of archaic instruments (gongs, Tibetan bowls, drums) will help you to find your power animal who will accompany you on your journey. A shamanic journey is often a door to other realities.

Meet Claudia Wiens

Claudia is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher (flow, hatha, restorative), a sound healing facilitator, a professional photographer and artist, and a very light-hearted kind soul. She loves life and adventures and has lived most of her adult life in Egypt, Turkey and Spain. She has worked and travelled in over 40 countries, embracing the diversity of many cultures. She has a passion for exploring ways of how to mix different disciplines and make them more inclusive and accessible for everyone. Her yoga practice began in a tiny jungle hut in 2003 whilst she was a volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Shortly after she trained in Thai massage, yoga and Reiki and began teaching in Cairo in 2007. Since then, she has also discovered the fascinating world of sound healing and did several trainings (singing bowls, gongs, healing voice) with the incredible sound worker, Jacomina Kistemaker. Claudia also received the Gong Master training with the masters of gongs, Don Conreaux and Aidan McIntyre. She has a great enthusiasm for passing on her knowledge and sound techniques in her very own soulful and warm-hearted approach.


Thursday 3rd Dec


5:30pm to 7pm Gentle Flow Yoga Class

7pm Dinner

8:30 to 9:30pm Gong Bath


Friday, 4th Dec

8am to 9:30am Invigorating Flow Yoga Class

9:30am Breakfast

11am to 1pm Workshop using our own voice (healing voice techniques) and introduction to Tibetan Singing Bowls, how to use them on yourself.

1pm Lunch

Free time in the afternoon to enjoy the pool, the nature and have some personal time.

5:30pm to 7pm Restorative Yoga with relaxing healing sounds from live instruments.

7pm Dinner


Saturday, 5th Dec

30min before sunrise (about 7:30am) special meditation technique using our own voice, followed by invigorating flow yoga.

9:30am Breakfast

11am to 1pm Workshop more sound work with our voice and singing bowls.

1pm Lunch

A free afternoon for relaxing, reading, walks in nature, swimming pool.

5:30pm to 7pm Restorative Yoga with relaxing healing sounds from live instruments.

7pm Dinner

8:30 to 9:30 Shamanic sound journey.


Sunday, 6th Dec

8am to 9:30am Invigorating flow yoga class and closing circle.

9:30am Breakfast



Your stay at Suryalila is guaranteed to soothe your soul and provide you with some much-needed peace. Choose from one of the beautiful boutique accommodations to suit your style and budget. Whether you glamp under the stars in one of the Mongolian Yurts or relax in a luxurious suite, you will have everything you need to relax and unwind including use of the refreshing salt water pool open 24/7 with stunning views across the farm.



  • Deluxe Ananda Laxmi Suite (king size bed, ensuite bathroom and sitting area, two people sharing): €405 pp
  • Deluxe Ananda Laxmi Suite (king size bed, ensuite bathroom and sitting area, single occupancy): €490 pp
  • Deluxe Double (private bathroom, two people sharing): €375 pp
  • Deluxe Double (private bathroom, single occupancy): €430 pp
  • Superior Double (shared bathroom, two people sharing): €325 pp
  • Superior Double (shared bathroom, single occupancy): €390 pp
  • Twin room (two people sharing): €340 pp
  • Eco Casa (available with twin beds or double bed, two people sharing): € 300 pp
  • Eco Casa (single occupancy): €365 pp
  • Yurt (two single beds, two people sharing): €300pp
  • Yurt (two single beds, single occupancy): €365 pp
  • Triple Yurt(three single beds, shared with three people): €290 pp
  • Mini Dorm (four people sharing): €290 pp

Follow this link to find photos and descriptions of all rooms.

Prices include taxes, accommodation, all meals, Wi-Fi and use of all facilities.

Not included: transport to Suryalila, massages and other treatments, excursions, wine and goodies from the shop.

You will enjoy three gourmet vegetarian meals per day, great yoga spaces & props and have full access to all of the beautiful common areas and facilities like the salt water swimming pool.

The Food

Suryalila serves three beautiful vegetarian meals a day in their dining room. They are renowned for the outstanding quality of their kitchen. Their meals are all vegetarian and organic. Some of their products come from their own permacul ture garden. They do their best to cater for most dietary requirements, but if you have severe allergies please contact me directly in this case to discuss and confirm if it is something they can accommodate.

There is a beautiful, spacious dining hall adjacent to the main kitchen where guests can enjoy the delicious cuisine together . They also offer many

beautiful shady outside spaces for dining.


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Tel: (+34) 609 85 9419

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